SBS 2011 Essentials supported?

I tried to install CB with Online Storage on a Win SBS 2011 Essentials 64bit.
Install ok.
When starting “COMODO BackUP” the process CBU.exe is visible in task manager, but application doesn’t open (don’t work after a few restarts).
As well as BackUp Wizard starts, but can’t connect to my created account. Clicked on Login, filled mail and password, and then is says Connecting, please wait, but nothing happens.
No error message appears, but it doesn’t start anything.

Is SBS 2011 Essentials not supported? SBS 2011 Essentials has the base of Server 2008 R2.
Any possibilities to get it work?

Please make sure you have the latest version (
If this issue is still present, create a dump file while CBU.exe is visible in task manager but application doesn’t open (Task Manager → processes → CBU.exe → right click → choose create dump file) then compress it.

You can upload the compressed file to (or you can use other file sharing website) and post the download link. To get a download link you have to share the file first.


It’s the latest version, after testing a few days and restarts I downloaded yesterday the latest setup and installed again, still same behavior.

dump is located:


Please go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → Comodo Online Storage, choose stop.
Then go to \Program Files\COMODO\COMMON and rename the COSService.exe
This should fix the problem.