Says incompatible on google play but works fine?

On Google play page it says that CMS (Comodo antivirus as they call it) is incompatible with my devices, I have a smartphone running android 2.1 and tablet running Android 4.0.3. But Ican download APK from this forum and it insstalls and works just fine, on tablet anyway (haven’t tested on smartphone). So what gives?? After I upgraded my tablet from android 2.3 to 4.0.3 some of the apps also became “incompatible”… but since CMS appear to work just fine…I’m not exactly sure what to think.

I think the earliest version supported is Android 2.2, I’ll check the Play page and find out googles


May 23, 2012
Current Version:
Requires Android:
2.2 and up

It might say it’s incompatible with the tablet because it’s mainly for mobile phones, not sure though.

But it works fine on a tablet, not very useful maybe (no calls, sms, sim card) but AV module and security check modules seem to work fine.

I do recall users having issues with GB 2.1.
if you choose to use it on your phone, there will be no support for your OS. Any issues you experience will be the risk you undertake on your own.
You have been fore warned.

On a side note, I hope it works for you. :slight_smile:

Hi, Maninak2000, we designed it based on Android 2.2. So we set the minimal version to be 2.2. I think that is the reason.

Ok, so why it says incompatable with tablet (android 4.0.3)? I know it is designed for phones, not tablets, but I thought only requirement is android 2.2 and up.

Even on my phone which is running 2.3.5. I can’t download it off Google play.

I’ve just tried to upload CMS from Play for my HTC Desire C and it says not compatible with your phone. It then wouldn’t let me get any further. Is there any way I can download it elsewhere as I use Comodo on my laptop and it’s great.

Problems when try to install CMS via Android Market?
Google says that CMS is incompatible with your device?
Try this alternative mode…;msg619250#msg619250


Have you tried to DL and install from here?

Also, loading the app, clicking Utilities/Settings then tapping Database will update the AV database, and Version will update CMS itself.