Say your thoughts on Zemana Antilogger

I’m pretty sure that everyone that tests there security apps, specially HIPS and Behavior Blockers, already had tested the tests provided by the company behind Zemana Antilogger. I know I have. I didn’t test the Zemana Antilogger, though. How good is it? Worth to have it, or not?

??? Well, I never ever heard about it ? Is it a new name from an older product or ?
but I do like the alert (Comodo ?)


Well, it isn’t that new. I remember I tested CFP with Zemana’s tests about 3 months ago (which failed to protect 2 of the 4 available tests, they’re 5). I also don’t think that Zemana Antilogger is some sort of an old product with a new name.

Does Zemana Antilogger provide also protection against audio loggers? :a0

What happens if you try to scan a newspaper using a TWAIN scanner?

I guess it doesn’t, otherwise it would be mentioned on their site. 88)

Ah, I remember that too. From what I can tell now, it only fails the Clipboard Logger test. I don’t have a webcam to do the test, but Defense+ warns me about direct screen access and access to service control manager when I launch the webcam logger test.

Too bad :-TD

EES - Streaming Audio Trojan will allow you to monitor all sounds on a remote computer.

So I guess it would be better to disconnect the webcam when it is not needed :frowning:
AFAIK generally it is not possible to capture the webcam output if another app is already using it.

Or you could cover the webcam’s “eye” with a post-it, or something like that. I just tried it and looks kinda cool. ;D

D+ does ask for permission, but even blocking I still can see me on the webcam test

Post-It it is then (:TNG)

I’m using something quite smaller :wink: same effect lol (We never know who’s picking!!!)

Something just came across my mind. What if Zemana tests are bogus tests? I mean, couldn’t they release a few tests, let us see that our HIPS or Behavior Blocker blocks a few and fails 1 or 2?
On one hand would mean they’re man fellows. On the other hand, that CFP falls to the trick? lol Crazy thought?

Well regardless of the motives behind Zemana and there’s no reason to assume they’re not good,the fact is that if those tests are able to bypass a HIPS,then malware could utilise similar methods.As Melih will tell you,patching a security util to ‘pass’ a certain test (as many do) is meaningless unless the underlying exploit is fixed.