say the time

hi kevin & everyone
since the newest defs , i did notice three updates so i will say one of the updates from today , my say the time is being shut down by boclean .
it is saying it found malware stopped by boclean this is happening on both of my machines and i have had say the time and also boclean for years and it also says location of startup file at c\program files\saythetime\saytimemain.exe
this trojan horse program was found on your machine i have test this file on all my security programs amd its comes up clean
i do beliveve this is a false def could you please look into this .

                                        thanks very much mrgigabyte  (:KWL)

Hi mrgigabyte2002 :slight_smile:

Did you scan the file on or ???

If you think this is a false positive :

Email it to malwaresubmit [ at ] .
Specify in the subject line “False Positive ?”.
Zip and password protect it with “infected” and include that information in the body.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

i did a scan with virus total it came up clean i really think this is a false because its two diff machines also
and seems very funny that two machines the same day
i did send it to you guys thanks mrgigabyte (:KWL)

Hi Mrgigabyte,

Do you still get that warning from BOClean.

There was a definitions update with filedate:
2008-04-15 05:14:20

That new update has one definition lesser than the previous one.
It is now: 54405 trojans are covered in your current BOC425.XVU file.
And there is now no listed in the file BOClist.txt

So I guess that it has been fixed :wink:

hi Jrb

i did get the update last night and both computers are find now, it was getting late so i just wanted to wait till today to post that everything is great now, thanks for asking

                           mrgigabyte   (:KWL)