Saw Vista PC's for sale today

Hi everyone,

I saw Vista PC’s on sale today, both notebooks, and desktops. The store I went to is selling them, however you cannot take them home until the 30th. I tried out the final version of Vista and I must say, it looks very nice, but as I have said before, I will wait until they fix all of the bugs before I consider purchasing a Vista PC. The Aero looks nice, but not as nice as the glassy effects I was able to generate on Linux ;).

Have you seen Vista PC’s lately?


Linux ROCKS!!!

Vista is looking to be good too, but i do love the claims with each windows version that it will be better for games. In technical facts the best version of Windows Vista for gamers would be a Command Line interface!!! IMO.

Windows processes bring down games fast enough with unneeded services, let alone the amount of unneeded GUI running (Who needs a GUI taking CPU’s cycles when you need them for the game?).

Windows Vista should have a mode to boot in that is a “game mode” for the OS, that means that you can boot into an environment with nothing else but what is needed to play a game (Network card drivers as well).

I agree, it would certainly make games run much smoother!

I’m downloading Kubuntu 7.04 Herd 3 CD right now to test it out, can’t wait until its done!!