Saw the new DL feature you have opening up Dragon, went to download it and...

was blocked by my web filter k9 for being a malicious site, is the download site you have linked to safe?

Here is a picture.

[attachment deleted by admin]


In the screenshot I can see a URL fragment that reads “Softonic”. If you want to download Dragon you can use the direct download linkdirect download link posted in the release notification on the forum.


Yea this was for the MP4, Youtube downloader you have now for Dragon, I went to download it and it took me to that site.

The downloader is an extension that is installed automatically in the latest Dragon version.

Dragon’s download link leads to the Softonic domain which is not mallicious (otherwise we wouldn’t provide a link for it on the Comodo website). However, you can download Dragon directly from our servers by using the link I provided in my previous post.


Ok just saw it was installed automatically. :slight_smile: