Saving the Comodo process

hi all
im new here but still using cis 5 for a while
yesterday i tested comodo if it is save from being closed via taskmanager (as if it were a virus closing it)
after this comodo was closed without any message from it and
i was expierencing big problems with the whole suite on startup ← !ot!

now my question:
is there any way to make comodo save from being closed by anything but the user?

Being closed from the task manager is being closed by the user…

If you can find a way for an application to shut down CIS, the devs would love to hear about it. :slight_smile:

That’s not correct. The self protection will prevent this. You can only end CIS components with task manager when you made exceptions in the self protection.

What are the problems you are having upon start up.

Try running Diagnostics (under More) and see what it reports and in case it finds something if it can be fixed.

Can you also check with Task Manager that both cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe are running?

Did you make changes to the default settings that impact self protection of CIS?

i had problems that my whole pc froze and i couldnt do anything, so i started in safe mode, deactivated the comodo autostart and reinstalled it
while i was in safe mode i could start comodo but even though the whole security suite was buggy (it said something like: “Security is loading”
the main rpoblem was importing old rules to the programm, which always caused this problem…
however this is a very good program to me (i switched from avira to comodo^^)

In Safe Mode cmdagent.exe, which runs as a service, cannot load. Therefor, when you start the client (cfp.exe) it will tell security is loading.