Saving Settings & Other Issues

Is there any way we can save the settings during upgrade from old to new versions?

It takes a while to configure all apps/services as per individual requirements. Once done, most of us lesser mortals do not even keep track of all policies. When we upgrade, we have to start from scratch.

It would have been better, if during upgrade/migrations; Comodo maintains all old policies and then upgrades/migrates.

If there is any way to do it, please let me know.

The new UI looks good BTW.

A word of praise - Comodo is head & high above the rest. But there are certain issues:

  1. the settings issue mentioned above
  2. During Virus definitions update, CIS becomes a resource hogger
  3. Why is Comodo Alert linked to Forum Login? Isn’t this a violation of privacy? Are you tracking usera & usage by this way?

You can always export and import settings from under More → Manage My Applications. However we do advice to either do a clean install when going from v4 to v5 or wait for the update of v5 to come on the automatic update. The latter is scheduled for the upcoming September 28.