Saving sandboxed emails

I am running Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.12 in Windows 7 64-bit.
I use Thunderbird as my email client.

I have been able to run Thunderbird in the Sandbox but cannot work out how to move wanted emails from the sandbox so that they are not lost when I close the sandboxed email program.

A family member subscribed to several free give-away sites resulting in approx 50 emails per day some of which definitely try to install unwanted items.

Are you using POP3 or IMAP? Basically POP3 delivers the e-mail to your computer without storing it on a server, with IMAP the e-mail is on a server and you view it using your e-mail client. A more “in-depth” description can be found here if you are interested.

So I’d recommend using IMAP if available because then you can first read the e-mail in the sandboxed Thunderbird and then delete the unwanted e-mails (this will be reflected on the server) and then open Thunderbird unsandboxed and then that client will be able to read the e-mails that you did not delete. But there might be some things you don’t like with this method.

Otherwise if you only mean specific e-mails and you want to save them as files then you can go into Thunderbird, right-click the e-mails you want to save, then click “Save as” and then save them to the Shared Space, you should be able to open these in the unsandboxed Thunderbird.

Right click in the message window and choose “Save As”. Save the message as an .eml file to a local directory.