saving passwords

dragon only prompts to save passwords for some sites but not all. looking for help to correct.

Can you give us a little more detail than you have?

when i go to websites that require a name and password, i dont want to have to enter it every time i visit. dragon is supposed to remember it and all i have to do is click on the sign in button. after i enter my name and password for a site, dragon should ask me if i want it to save the password? for some sites dragon will ask and then always remember my password. for other sites it wont even ask, and so i will always have to enter it every time i go to that site. in dragon…i have selected ‘offer to save passwords’. i have removed all ‘saved passwords’ and started fresh. and there is nothing listed in ‘exceptions’. a few days ago i allowed the latest dragon update which removed all my passwords i had been using previously.

Which sites specifically?