saving or restoring list of webpages after reboot?

hi, thanks for cd, it is a great browser.
i usually have 10 or more webpages up in comodo as i surf.
occasionally the computer crashes or locks up and i have crash it.
and when i do, comodo asks me if i want to restore those webpages that were up when windows crashed. wonderful.
my question. is that restore point saved, and can i manually save a restore point on comodo to bring up a set of webpages i was looking at ? if not, consider this a suggestion to do so.

i am aware of history and bookmarks for keeping track of webpages. but the restore is quite handy. is there no way to access the restore capability ?


i just saw the sticky about restoring a recently closed brosers in the lower right. sounds similar to what i was looking for.
but it doesnt restore the last session, does it ? that just shows a list of the prior webpages, which is good, didnt know about this feature.

i would still like to know if there is a restore point that i can bring up all the web pages i had up at a certain point.

Hi and welcome lightfoot500,
The last browser session only, can be re-opened to all the pages/tabs that were closed.

A more substantial method for saving sessions can be achieved using the following extension.
Session Buddy-Chrome Web Store

Searching the ‘Web Store’ may find other extensions suitable.

Hope that helps.

I will check out the add ons.
is there a way to restore the last browser session other than when cd crashes or windows crashes or is ended abruptly; that way i know that when i restart cd it asks if i want to restore the last session. but is there another way to restore the last session ?