Saving Backup configurations

Hi there,

I have to format my hardrive, but before doing so I wanted to save my Comodo Backup configurations given that I took quite a long time to set up my backup configuration with many folders, files, and exclusions, etc…

To my surprise I cannot find a way to save my backup configs, so now it seems that after formatting, when I reinstall comodo backup, I will have to manually set up all these configs again !

Is there a way to save these backup configs which perhaps I have not found !? Please help. Thank you.

Hello walkabout

The only way I know of to save the configuration is to export the registry keys. Hopefully we will have an export function built in next version. Put this in the wishlist if you want.


Is it possible to explain to me how this is done? Is it an easy process? Thank you.

Hello walkabout

If you navigate to HKLM\software\ComodoGroup\Comodo Backup, using regedit export the “Backup” key to wherever you want and then import it later when you want to reinstall. Export will save it as a .reg file which you can put on a cd or wherever you want.


ok, thanks a lot, I would not have found it without your help! Actually it was not where you said, it was here:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\ComodoGroup\Comodo Backup.

However I imagine that a “Service Backup” would be where you said (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)

Anyway, it would be nice if the programmers could put in an easy “export” (and of course “import”) function for this.

Glad you got it walkabout, hope for a function for export in the next version, whenever it comes.