saving,backup CIS settings


Hye to everyone,
today(like since CIS out)i install CIS to a friend and i try to backup my CIS rules i saved.
After reset,CIS was vergin like just installed.Why CIS not get my setting i saved??
A fing day spending to write bdy rules for nothing.
Can anyone explain me why tutorial is not good like program???
When it was Comodo i create a reg file and with a click i got 1269 kb off rules ready…
CIS use another regedit side and i cannot get same work with workshop i did with Comodo(maybe in provvisory mode,i didn’t try it that)
Any help to don’t get mad,it will be appreciate


Did you select the configuration after importing it?

Miscellaneous > Manage my Config > Select (saved config)?

Hi prandi63

If you saved your settings as one of the default configurations you may have to import the file from where you saved it. Hopefully it was not in the Programs/comodo folder.


from CIS on miscelous menu i did save setting on my hd save setting and usb pendrive where i use to install programs to my friends
I did save as tutorial show and the same i did backup from my friends(my configure setting) but CIS is like new,no rules,no ■■■■■,nothing
Program not work,CIS must change procedure,why cannot do saving as a reg file???
Or any easy way,now it is about 35 times i do this and all f***ing time i have to loose time to write rules,all the same rules in every new installation
Why that???
Nice Cis program good in half way


Did you do a reboot after importing your config? This is necessary


sorry about the OT but someone could redirect me where I can find the istruction on how back up my config??..I am about to format my pc and reinstall everything and it would me a lot to have my cfg ready to be restored…

thanks a lot

Open Up CIS > Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Export > (Save config file)
After your format and reinstall of CIS,
Go to Misc > Manage My Configurations > Import > (Choose Saved Config in the saved location) and then go to Manage my Config > Select and select your recently imported config and reboot.



I wasnt entirely sure that it was the right procedure…still I have a doubt: when I select export I see different options. do I have to export all of them or just firewall?

Export the configuration with the check next to it, because that’s the one you’re using and the one with all your rules in it. The other configurations are just other default choices CIS offers for different levels of protection. :slight_smile: