Saved already - In a VERY strange way..

Comodo Time Machine has already saved me - strangely enough from itself… :slight_smile:

I had installed the RC2 and tried to auto update to FINAL - the update process ended with an error message (no screen shot taken). When I restarted my computer, the CTM Tray icon was gone, and I was not able to start CTM, even though it showed as installed. I then uninstalled CTM and restarted my computer again. Strangely enough, the Boot screen still showed, but when my PC started, CIS Defense + did not function. A bit desperate to avoid reinstalling stuff AGAIN, I then restarted the computer, pressed HOME to access (the uninstalled) CTM, and reset my computer to a snapshot from BEFORE I UNINSTALLED CTM… And then everything worked perfectly again - except that I am still running CTM RC2…


Could you please provide the detailed error message?
Thanks for your support.

Best regards.