Save settings, Rule mismatch, buttons, Protocol Driver failure

Well, been using now comodo on more than 10-20 machines like several months. (Little BSOD here there, but in 99% of time it’s just fine unless either drivers crash or cmdagent.exe drop 100% load on user profile load-up. Specially user switching was fixed on past new releases which was nice.)

Common Windows Vista SP1-2 x86/x64 & Windows 7 x86/x64 list bugs:

Bug on ‘editing’ existing Firewall Rule > new rule. = new rule doesn’t apply, old rule does apply example:

Original rule Application ‘X’:
Allow TCP Out From IP To IP Any Where Source Port Is Any Destination Port is 80
Edited Rule:
Allow TCP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Source Port Is Any Destination Port is 80

When connection comes from ‘Any’ IP to application it will ‘Ask’ for action from firewall.

‘Temp’ Solution:
Only way past this is to make rule manually. This bug has been with Comodo so long I can’t even remember when I catched this first time.

Windows 7 x64 specific issue:

While installing v3.10.102363.531 installs just fine, but it hangs on reboot + it skips installing Network controller ‘Protocol’-driver completely.

v3.12.111745.560 however doesn’t install at all. It’s totally bugged. As someone obviously just wants to compress the ‘EXE’ and so it moves the installing to Windows temp = quite a bit failure hangs after 20 seconds of installation.

‘Temp’ Solution:

v3.10.102363.531: Open primary network controller Adapter settings > manually Install the ‘Service’ from Comodo Folder and ‘Install this driver software anyway’ and update.
v3.12.111745.560: Even opening Download EXE with WinRAR and launching Setup ‘EXE’ manually’ does the same cannot find resolution to this.

  • UPDATING * after Installation + force install Protocol with/from v3.10.102363.531 will work, but it’s pain fully slow + requires more than 3 reboots to be completed. Downloaded amount is more than 140MB from Comodo Servers.

And, if possible here’s some really simplistic to code easy ups would be SO welcome:

Firewall ‘Very High’ / ‘Custom’ modes the popup window displaying:
‘Allow this request’
‘Block this request’
‘Threat this application as … []’

Could ‘Allow’ / ‘Block’ simply be made to buttons (single click) ? Since it’s pain, if there’s very restrict policy (Instead of select to ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ and then confirm).

Subject ‘Save Settings’:

completely missing?

Would LOVE to export/import firewall rules list separately also whole program settings to hard drive or USB flash (doesn’t mean whole program alone I need firewall settings specifically as many others I trust). As comodo when it crashes and occasionally loses firewall rules while installations.

Common Windows Vista SP1-2 x86/x64 & Windows 7 x86/x64 list bugs

Still exists at: v3.13.121240.574
Exception: premade rules doesn’t stick & they now are also “■■■■■■■ up”. Further explainatory:
Any time that Windows mounts an drive with executable run with premade rule at firewall for it firewall premade rules does not apply. The usual firewall rules doesn’t apply either. Again: ask is on…

Using Custom > very high level

Windows 7 x64 specific issue


at previous releases ‘v3.13.121240.574’ seems to be functioning flawless now or it’s still asking does user want to trust comodo, but working.

Section: And, if possible here’s some really simplistic to code easy ups would be SO welcome

None are even try’d to fix. Well, perhaps this was not good idea? or was there for some reason Radio buttons? I know at least it’s ■■■■ slow to use.

Save Settings is still missing and ‘Manage Configurations’ > ‘Export…’ is still not just firewall settings, but since the ■■■■ firewall rules doesn’t work anyway hell why save them at all. :smiley:

A mounted drive is being seen as a removable medium like USB and Flash drives. Removable mediums are being regarded as unsafe by design. Therefor it is not a bug.

Nobody said anything about mounting an removable or USB drive and by this you are telling me also that corporate cryption are unsafe.

Mounting an crypted space should be/is an standard not an unsafe feature.

According to the design decisions of Comodo they are. I am sorry to be the bringer of the bad news.