Save - Quarantine - Remove - about Clean?

When viruses are detected in win system files, can the files be Cleaned?

The options given in the scan results are Save - Quarantine - Remove - Ignore

But what if it’s a windows system file? I think I’ve seen in some av apps the ability to clean the file so that it can continue functioning rather than quarantine or delete

HTH :slight_smile:

Hello, Scanreg. welcome to the Forums.
That feature is called ‘Time machine’ and will be added to CIS soon.

Ah, excellent

Will it be a pro feature or part of the non-pro as well?


This will be included with the free version as well.
I will note here, the big difference between the ‘Free’ version and the ‘Pro’ is online 24/7 support with a Comodo tech.
The CIS software is the same.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

gotta love the support ;D

Also Trust Connect

Nice to hear that :wink: