Save Firewall Settings

Greetings Comodo Lovers,

I have a small question regarding CPF; is it possible, and if yes how, to save your current configuration of CPF. By configuration I mean the settings you have in your “Application Monitor” & “Network Monitor”.

Also, if possible how, can you give names to your rules in the Application Monitor. For example I create a new rule to allow my FTP program to be able to be reached from my friend’s house. Then I’d like to call that rule “FTP FROM FRIENDS HOUSE” or something like that so I know what each rule is for.

Thanks in advance for the answers given.

Tony The Testing Tester.

Sure can.

There’s some scripts here

Named rules have been introduced in CFP V3, but this is definitely an ALPHA at the moment. It’s a bloody good alpha, but there is always the chance it could munt your system. Also, a reasonable amount of hte functionality in CFP V3 is not enabled in the alpha.

Ewen :slight_smile: