SAVE Backup job

Hate to be EXTRA obtuse (and yes, I’m sure I’ll get flamed for my ignorance) but is there a way to SAVE a Comodo backup job so you don’t have to pick the same files each time?

What I’m trying to do is create a daily backup to move files between Win 7 and XP machines. Sames files, back and forth, each day.


You can select “schedule” in backup step 5 and select “Daily” or “manual” as you wish.
I hope this helps.


It would be better, IMHO, if we could apply a “friendly” name to the scheduled backup, rather than just displaying the path to the backup file, particularly since the default column width is, by default, too narrow to display the full path.

For example, all my scheduled jobs (14 in total) display, in the default column width, as


Ewen :slight_smile:

I agree - and I can’t believe the program doesn’t allow a proper way to save & use backup jobs.

Multiple problems with this save as a schedule method -

  1. You can’t edit the job once it’s scheduled
  2. You can’t even see what criteria/selections will be used for a scheduled backup
  3. You can’t change the location/filename of the backup file [removable media might be replaced, or multiple removable media, or different backup locations at different times for the same job

Thanks for listening.