Save and restore ALL Comodo settings

I have Comodo CIS 5.5 with firewall and defense + active. Now I want to restore my system partition from a month ago. But since then I changed many settings in Comodo and I created many rules for applications - I installed Comodo after this system partition backup.

What is the best way to save everything what I have now in Comodo so that after restoring the system partition and installing Comodo I have the latest Comodo settings again? Should be all settings.

You can export your configuration through “More” => “Manage My Configuration” and then import it after you reinstall it.

However, version 5.8 has just been released, although not pushed through the automatic updates yet. Thus I’d advise upgrading to that following the advice given in this post. Note that importing your rules into this new version could lower your protection as there have been some critical changes.

I’d advise starting fresh.

Thanks for your help. I thought I will have to export the Comodo key from the registry and restore it to restore all settings. So the configuration save within Comodo will do the trick and no need to use the registry.

But now with a new version installation I will try the following:

  • backup my configuration within Comodo 5.5

  • install the new version 5.8 - I guess the default configurations from 5.5 will be overwritten

  • restore my old config under a different name.

With this I should have the new Comodo version and the option to switch to my old settings to look up anything if I need to do so.

Is my idea correct?