I’ve been using the personal firewall for several weeks. A terrific product at a great price…

So, when my fully paid for (other) anti-virus package (whose sister firewall product caused me to look at Comodo in the first place) was causing me heartburn, I got rid of it and went with the Comodo anti-virus product.

Two items came up immediately. (1) I could not get the “On Access Scanner” to “Turn On”. I recorded the error number and description and came here. I found a reference which noted that JavaCool’s SpywareGuard could cause this problem. I uninstalled SpywareGuard and was able to “Turn On” the “On Access Scanner” immediately. Kudos! (2) I just performed a full system scan with my new Comodo anti-virus package. It found 8 infected files on my system! This system had the “other” anti-virus software on it since before I ever allowed the system to even know what an “Internet” was! Super kudos! :BNC

As for the other software, I’ll not drop names in order not to appear sour or anything like that. However, connect the acronym CA with the literal string “Internet Security Suite 2007” and…, well, you connect the dots. It would appear that getting rid of Sanjay Kumar hasn’t yet made them a better software company.

I’ve been a professional software developer for 25 years and I don’t give out kudos. My professional opinion is “If you can’t get the little things right, how do you expect me to believe you can get the big things right”. From what I’ve seen so far, Comodo is getting the little things right.

I’m going to “spread the word” as fast as I can. Who knows, this could become similar to certain “browser wars” we saw in the 1990s…

Many thanks!

Thanks for the great feedback, Scott!

Glad you are finding out you’ve gotten your hands on a good product, and are happy with the results.


PS: I’ve moved this to the Feedback section, where it will get the type of attention it needs.

Thank you GlennB :slight_smile:

We really do appreciate the feedback!

Our currency is user satisfaction!


However, connect the acronym CA with the literal string "Internet Security Suite 2007" and..., well, you connect the dots.

Hmm… ??? that was a difficult one… ::slight_smile: have to think about it for a while… ;D