SAS part of Virustotal

check it out, I was looking at some files on VT and I realized that Superantispyware was now part of the AV systems. Along with trend-micro house call.

Yes, I see that. Wonder since when they join the party. :wink:

Is it good?

Don’t think this is related to CIS, but interesting stuff anyway haha.

I wonder what vendor they booted then? And will MBAM be part of them soon?

I didn’t seen it published on VT blog post When does it being part of VT ?

PS.Will it’s engine detect file infector virus ?

It’s good to see them included. Now Malwarebytes needs to join the party.

They serislouy gotta get the latest version for all av’s on that site. >:(

Also, could be nice to see MalwareBytes there too. Its really nice as a scanner. ;D ;D ;D

Virustotal is most based on the signatures, not on the version!
But i think they need a little maintenance on the version of the Av’s :-X


I know they are based on signatures… But look at this.
“Avira Version 8.0” no one updates that product anymore :o

Indeed, some of the on demand scannings are on the program engine and not in the virus definitions. I see no reason for not updating the engines a little bit more frequently.

They should add MBAM and Hitman pro :cry:

Do you know what Hitman Pro is? Adding it would be redundant.

Yeah, redundant.

Yes but even through that they do also use their own engine

I think gdata is the useless one there

Yeah. I’ve never thought on it, but it will be redundant also.

That is cool. I hope MBAM is added in there in the near future.