SAS / other anti-spyware necessary with my setup???

just wanted to ask for your opinions on this one:
I have CFP with CMF and Avira AntiVir PE Premium (6 month free license ;D ) on Windows XP SP2 fully updated.
Does anyone know how good Avira’s spyware detection is? Should I also install SAS or alike ?
Cheers for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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i use CFP 2.4, BOClean, Avast 4.7 Home Edition, SAS free, Spybot search & Destroy, A-squared free, Spyware Blaster
I may over protect my comp but… it’s clean so… i suggest you use SAS still. For an on demand scanner

why don’t use BOC ?
this i my current set up :
Avira-antivir PE classic (where do i can get a free license for premium edition ;D )

i removed ST coz i think i don’t need another AS, it only detected cookies. but using additional on demand scanner is a good idea. :Beer

First of all let me thank you for your advice.
@ganda. ;D ;D Don’t know if it’s still there but you should give it a go. It’s a piece of pie :wink:
As for BOC, I’ve had it for a long time but lately it started slowing down my computer. I don’t know what I changed… new version of CFP … AntiVir Premium instead of Classic ??? Maybe I’ll try it again.

Anyways, go get a license, tiger ;D. It’s free for six month (mine runs out 3rd of july 2008).

Please keep your SAS-ideas coming.

:BNC woohoo, thx grampa! :Beer
i’ve filled the form.still waiting for the email to come.

as for SAS, i’ve used it before, (free version,on demand only ofcourse ;D ). pretty good, but i think i’ve read somewhere in this forum that there may be some “issue” between SAS & CFP3.not sure what it is though.

[i]You might be interested in knowing that you can get one year of a free subscription for Webroot Spy Sweeper, right now.

Here’s the download:

And here’s how to get the key:

that info is from /LA. i’ve tried it, but the realtime scanner sucks! my comp is almost like freeze. >:(
but maybe you wanna try it.


Cheers ganda and have fun with 6 months of even better AV protection. (:WIN)
Maybe Cavs 3 will be released by then fingers crossed.
Bye (:WAV)

The offer mentioned above is only until the 17:th of January. I have not tried the program myself, but I’m sure you can find some reviews.


Hey LA,
do you mean the offer for SpySweeper? I don’t think I’ll use it as I’ve read quite some negative reports on WIlders, Rokop etc. I’ve used SAS and liked it. My only question was if I really need it. I made the new year’s resolution not to put everything on my computer just for the fun of it (like I used to do in the past. It always came back at me in terms of lagging, incompatibilities etc.
So I’m only willing to put it back on my computer if I can really benefit from doing so.
But keep coming alternatives (thanks ganda :D) and thoughts about SAS.
So long

why didn’t i make such new year resolution? 88)
talking about incompatibility, is it ok to use another AS along with Antivir premium ???
have you tried Spyware Terminator? i’ve never seen any report about incompatibility issue between ST & Comodo product. it’s pretty good has immunizer (similar to spyware blaster), got HIPS (similar to CAVS, but i guess we don’t need), and we can have additional Clam AV,
and the best part ==> it’s FREE :BNC

ST? Used it, liked it, dumped it. As the HIPS feature became somewhat redundant with CFP v3, I couldn’t see any benefit from using it anymore as I had SAS and AVG AS installed. O.K., the real-time shield… but is that really necessary. Those days I had: Antivir, BOClean, CFP v3 and ST on-access and SAS and AVG AS on demand (maybe even Ad-Aware and Spybot, but that might’ve been earlier).
Now I really like my (almost) minimalistic setup with CFP, AntiVir and CMF. However, as I’m not an expert, I don’t want any vulnarabilities, so an on-demand AS might be good?
From all I’ve tried I liked SAS the best (however, there might still be alternatives).
So how good are AntiVir’s AS qualities? Is SAS needed?
Thanks for enduring my ongoing nagging… “Yeah, tried it but…”
Keep coming the good advice…

;D it’s me again.
well, why don’t use ST as on demand scanner? at least it can detect cookies (:TNG) and you can still use the immunizer. or maybe you want to use Spyware doctor? i’ve heard that it’s good in detection rate, but using realtime scanner will eat too much resources.
never heard about how good avira-antivir spyware protection is. but if you don’t trust/know how good antivir at detecting spyware, why don’t you just use the FREE one ;D
i’ve just googled it, here’s a review i found, not too good eh.,2704,2129690,00.asp

Hey ganda,
thanks for helping me getting more posts ;D and making some very good suggestions. However, of all the progs I’ve used so far, I like SAS the best. So far no programme I haven’t tried has been mentioned ( apart from SpySweeper and SD - but I’m too afraid to use the - just reinstaled my OS yesterday - took 4 hours - don’t want to mess it up again) so SAS would still be my first choice - if I come to think it necessary.
Keep it coming.

Yes, that was what I meant. :slight_smile:

I personally think that Firefox with NoScript and Adblock is enough realtime protection against spyware (and other “online” malware - scripts etc.). With such a setup, you won’t run anything malicious unless you allow it yourself. To avoid spyware in downloaded files, always download from truly safe places. If you still get some spyware with a downloaded program, and Avira won’t catch it (because it’s more of an AV program?), at least the spyware won’t be able to spy since you can block it with CFP.

If you don’t use FF with NS, I understand that you want real time spyware protection (I would also want that, the only thing that keeps me from it is actually NS!). Then I suppose SAS is a decent alternative, but I have little experience in AS protection, even though I’ve tried about 5 programs.



Keep it coming!! You have to catch up with us!

No way I will ever catch up on you. Unfortunately, I have little time and little knowledge, so what I could do is spam the forums at night when I should actually be sleeping… not a good idea :wink: Right now I should be working but decided against it ;D
I use Opera (sometimes FF with all the well-known addons). So I should be (quite) safe. That’s why I keep refusing every single idea presented here… I want a sleek and clean system. Not a single app too much but also not one too few.
Thanks for clarifying this for me and making me feel a little more confident with just CFP, CMF and AntiVir (which run smoothly).

Sounds great grampa, I’m also a big fan of sleek and clean systems. :slight_smile:

You do know of SpywareBlaster? It blocks black listed websites’ addresses in your browser without running. I’m not sure that it works with Opera though. I think SB uses the same thing as Spybot’s immunizer.


thanks for the links about Spysweeper. I’m actually surprised because that program has had the reputation to be the best anti-spyware, together with Spyware Doctor. So as you said, the scanner really sucks. It didn’t freeze my computer (no load on CPU but just on RAM), but it took ages to scan. The memory scan alone took exactly one hour.

For those looking for a very good, fast and customizable scanner, AVG antispyware is a good choice. the freeware part of it doesn’t offer the shield but the database is updated (on demand) everyday. I read some review that it was considered this year as second best antispy, after Spyware Doctor (Spysweeper that use to be number one is third now). The test took into account detection rate, ease of use, registry cleaning abilities after infection etc…I think it was in PC World (or PC Mag).

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition from the Google Pack is the free version of Spyware Doctor. It has some limitations in realtime protection, but it could be interesing as an on demand scanner. You can download it here :

Greetz, Red.

careful with Spyware Doctor, I have already tried this limited version from the Google Pack, and like the full version, you’re gonna have to extremely patient when logging to Windows, in XP as well as in Vista. It is just mad. Deactivating Spyware Doctor from startup means deactivating it’s service driver and brings nothing, as restarting this service manually doesn’t work.

Hey Red, (:WAV)
thanks for the info. Isn’t SD supposed to be a resource hog? As I said, I like my system sleek and clean :wink: Usually, I simply test for myself, as I’ve often found that some softwares run perfectly fine on my comp whereas others report nothing but problems and vice versa. However, as I spent 4 hours rebuiliding my OS ony yesterday, I’m not really willing to take any risks.
Knowing me, I’m sure one of you will eventually convince me to install SD or whatever (been thinking about it for a long time).
Does anyone know in how far SD (google pack) is limited?
Bye all, cheers Red

Cheers Leopard19,
that’s what I’ve also heard. Thanks for sharing your opinions.
I can learn a lot from your experiences and knowledge.