How secure is dragon’s sandboxing vs chrome’s? is it pretty much the same? do all chromium browsers have sandboxing technology?

Good question. I’d like to know as well.

I can’t imagine any chromium variants disabling the sandboxing functionality, so I would assume they all use the sandbox.

I’m no expert on the differences between Chrome and Chromium’s sandboxes, so perhaps someone else has more information. Chrome does sandbox the Flash plugin, and since Chromium doesn’t come bundled with Flash like Chrome, I’m assuming it does not sandbox Flash. So there may be a slight advantage there in terms of Flash exploits, but like I said, I don’t know all of the differences. (if any)

im having problems getting comodo dragon to run under sandboxie.
can this browser run with sandboxie at all.?
If it can would somebody be so kind as to explain how i do this please as it is the only thing which is putting me off using the dragon as otherwise it seems excellent.

thanks. ???

It would be better to create your own thread than to take this thread off-topic.

So in 1 week no one in the whole Comodo community can answer this question?! ???

Dragon is basically Google Chrome minus all the tracking facilities of Chrome and some Comodo added stuff. The underlying sandbox technology is the same.

For more information read the topic start of Comodo Dragon Alpha ver is now available for download.