Sandboxing software with virtualization but without limited rights

As title: if I sandbox a software with virtualization in “Always sandbox” sheet, I would like to have one more option in the menu. Something as this:“No limits”

CIS v6 should bring Sandboxie-like virtualization.

WOW ___
When will it be released?

There is no release/expected date set yet…I hope this year…

Ok, thanks. You gave me a great news. I hope it too :wink:

Proof or quote please.

Ewen :slight_smile:;msg512678#msg512678

egemen: “Yes, we are right now working on this kind of a ideal automatic sandbox which is going to be in CIS 6…”


ok but where did you read about Sandboxie? o_O

I said “Sandboxie-like”…isn’t it considered to be ideal automatic sandbox? :a0

aaaaaaaaah. I didn’t understand.
Yes, it is the ideal sandbox on the market now but it’s not sure if the next CIS sandbox will be as Sandboxie.

Thanks. I wasn’t doubting you. I must have missed Egemens post.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Do you know when a new version will be released?