Sandboxing CIS8 not working on some exe files without prompt window what gives?

so ive got a couple programs in my sandbox list but unlike in v7 of comodo v8 has an issue with just simply launching them sandboxed aka fully virtualized , what happens is when i launch an programs exe file that ive added to the sandbox list such as cyberfox portable is i get the could not be recognized and requests unlimited access to your computer prompt , when i select run unlimited and select

the remember this setting box it doesnt run sandboxed at all which in v7 ran the program sandboxed anyhow as should ,all it did in v7 is it just got rid of the unrecognized file prompt from the sandbox, and then as well do i have to remove the ignore rule in the sandbox list that gets created in v8, since theres no remember this setting box for the run isolated option which is very odd this issue prevails ,

as said only if i select run isolated(default) then it runs the exe as per my sandbox rule for that applications exe which is set to fully virtualized , can this be fixed ? since the only way to “quickfix” this is to disable the option: show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs, in sandbox settings, which then as should without prompt launches the program with its according rule, not really a proper solution , mind you ive even added cyberfoxes signature to the trusted vendors already ,as well did i try it with and without cloud lookup, but all i get is a notification on the prompt saying the exe has been digitally signed but it hasnt yet been whitelisted by us , ? , id appreciate