Sandboxing Chrome... i can't print

Hello guys. I’m running Chrome sandboxed (maybe redundant?), and i have a problem when i want to print any page or document. Chrome can’t print because doesn’t detect my printer (the print preview doesn’t load…). If i run Chrome normally all it’s fine. Maybe a bug? My printer it’s a Canon MG5200.

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Miguel Angel

With IE9 sandboxed no problem with printing…

My PC has W7 64 bits. Curiously, in my laptop (W7 32 bits) i don’t have this problem

I can verify that With Comodo Dragon Sandboxed on Windows 8 x64 i can’t print either.
Dragon is just a custom version of Chrome. Im on Windows 8 x64 here.

see attached screenshot
it shows 64 bit sandboxed waterfox can print and also shows an open sandbox of dragon showing it can’t print.
It’s a bug. I don’t even have chrome installed. I even tried sandboxing IE,Opera,Ice Dragon, Firefox, Waterfox and they can all print sandboxed, but not comodo dragon.

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Well after a little paying attention to what is going on…
i already had dragon open non sandboxed. so when you open a sand boxed dragon with a non sandboxed dragon already open you can’t print in the sand boxed dragon.

Did you only have the one chrome sandboxed open when you tried to print?

Only one: Chrome sandboxed. It’s a bug… Curiously in 32 bits original another browser, like IE9, i don’t have this problem.

It’s a bug… I installed chrome after the bug ridden Comodo Dragon 25 release and tried sandboxing chrome and printing under Win8 x64 and you are correct i can reproduce what you are talking about. You Definitely can’t print.

I take that back.maybe it’s something else. I just printed with chrome form the virtual kiosk.
then i exited the kiosk and sandboxed chrome and it printed as well.
strange…working fine now…Windows 8 x64

Same problem here, neither Dragon nor IE10 will print a web page while in the Kiosk.

Foxit PDF reader also won’t print, it’s probably comms with the spooler service that is not allowed.

What strikes me is that with Sandboxie program, printing is possible, NO PROBLEMO!!! :P0l

Spoolserver is a protected interface because some nasty viruses were abusing a vulnerability in spoolserver. That’s why it got added.