Sandboxing Browser Problems

Hi All

I am using latest versions of IE10 And Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m on Win 7 SP1 64bit along with CIS6 6.2.285401.2860, Webroot Secure anywhere for internet banking v8 and Keyscrambler

I have two sets of problems:

  1. IE 10

When I try to sandbox !E10 by creating desktop icon OR by using virtualised Desktop IE 10 starts to load and then shuts down. Unsandboxed it works fine. So in other words I cannot load a sandboxed version of IE10 either 64bit or 32bit

  1. Google Chrome loads sandboxed (I think) but the colored highlight frame does not show even though the box is ticked in Sandbox Advanced settings (to show highlight frame)

Anybody help please , to resolve the above.



It is prob down to your ‘other’ security software conflicting with CIS. You can get some odd behavior.

When did it start to occur approx? Was it working fine before?

Hi Seany007

You are right it was a conflict - with webroot secureanywhere.

for your reply


I’m glad to hear that you solved it ;D :-TU