sandboxing breaks browser´s ability to receive emails

I just noticed, that no mails are coming through anymore, since i use the sandboxing for my Opera browser. Since i don´t get so many emails, i noticed it by accident. I think, this needs a very urgent fix, since it makes the sandboxing quite useless for at least Opera.

Are you running Opera manually sandboxed (i.e. virtualised)? You did not made CIS sandbox it by adding Opera.exe to the Unrecognised Files?

No, i´ve added it to the regular “always sandboxed” list. But things have changed meanwhile, sandboxing seems to be completely broken now. Without having changed anything (at least knowingly), my sandboxed programs stopped working, so i had to remove them (Opera, as i said, then Babaschess, a chess client, plus FoxitReader).

Not only the programs didn´t start anymore, but some program that i use to launch things (Hot keyboard Pro), had 25% CPU load, & i couldn´t shut it down anymore (using the task manager or the “terminate” mode in Process Hacker), except by logging of or restarting. Of course i tried to start those programs directly, but the results were the same. I think, the sandmox module needs some fixing. I would like to use it again.

First a general description before we may explore further.

When running a program fully sandboxed things like f.e mail, favorites, extensions etc will be written to the virtual files and folders. As a consequence when running Opera not sandboxed you won’t see favorites and mails that were created when running Opera fully virtualised like you did.

CIS does provide the option to Define exceptions for files and folders. You can choose to use the Web Browser Data Folder group. For Opera this will only cover the bookmarks (bookmarks.adr file).

For mail you will have to add the Opera mail folder to the exceptions of the Sandbox. That is the easiest way. Another more advanced avenue would be to change the Web Browser Data Folder group which is more elaborate.

To make things more complex something is happening with your sandbox also. To try to deal with it I would advice to Reset the sandbox.

However you may have mails and bookmarks you want to save from Opera. The easiest way to save bookmarks and mail is to export them to the Shared Space folder. Using this folder you can import them in the non virtualised Opera.

Let us know how things go and whatever questions pop up in the process.

Yes, ok, i will try that. Will there maybe also be a fix for uTorrent usage? At the moment i have to copy the link and start utorrent outside. I’ve tried to set uTorrents download folder, as you suggested (a while ago), but that didn’t work for some reason.

Are you trying to start uTorrent from Opera or other browser running in the sandbox? What is the problem with uTorrent? Is it described in the topic you mention? Can you point me to that topic?