Sandboxie version 3.28

Version 3.28

Released on 30 June 2008.

These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 3.26.

* New translations:
      o Translation to Finnish, contributed by pokpok
      o Translation to German, contributed by Brummelchen
      o Translation to Portugese (Brasil), contributed by anonymous
      o Translation to Turkish, contributed by Volkan Gezer 

* Resolution for long-time problems and annoyances:
      o SBIE1116 errors on Windows XP which prevented Sandboxie from starting.
      o Sandboxed Outlook using incorrect account password.
      o Sandboxed programs and Sandboxie Control immediately recognize new drive letters that appear (for example as a result of mounting a USB drive). 

* Firefox 3:
      o Added default exclusion for the Firefox database of phishing sites, urlclassifier*.sqlite files, to improve start-up time of sandboxed Firefox, and reduce the time needed to recreate this database when the sandbox is deleted. 

* Usability improvements in Sandboxie Control:
      o Real paths are displayed instead of the %placeholder% notation.
      o Hiding SBIE messages through Sandboxie Control hides the message only for the detail specified in the message.
      o Desktop icons do not flicker when Sandboxie Control window is visible.
      o For Windows Vista, added more requests for UAC elevation where necessary. 

* Further improvements to the following issues:
      o Improved support for network shares exposed by Windows computers (including Quick and Immediate Recovery, and Direct and Full Access)
      o There remain some difficulties in accessing network shares exposed by some NAS devices
      o Full support for programs installing and using WinSxS assemblies on both Windows XP and Windows Vista 

    * Collection of smaller changes: 

* Default Copy Limit Kb increased to 48MB from 32MB.
* Fewer temporary files are kept in the sandbox.
* Fixed PATH environment variable in sandboxed programs. 

* Partially resolved conflict with Rising Antivirus 2008.


Problem: I can’t test most AV’s/Firewall’s with this app because I can’t reboot while an installer is in Sandboxie…

(Eg; Wanted to test for example Outpost Firewall; It required a Reboot, Sandboxie didn’t let me reboot).

Any Features/Tricks here?

I have actually never tested another av or firewall under and Sandbox. You can Sandbox your entire “c” drive actually.

A sandbox is not for that, you’ll have to set up a full virtual machine.

Yeah true.

I have never installed any security product under a Sandbox but I have tried other programs. Such as Adobe 9. Right click on the installer and “Run Sandboxed”. What this does is install Adobe in a sandbox and not on your hard drive or in your “program folders”. Play around with Adobe and it will run. Close it out and empty your Sandbox. You will then find Adobe is no longer there cause it never really got installed. Works great for anytime you want to try something but dont want to go through the hassle or installing it and then uninstalling cause you found out that you didn’t like what you just installed.

Yeah I did that with a Yahoo game recently. ;D

Yeah V it’s a great product mate.

Let’s see how Comodo Sandbox goes against this. Should be interesting.

How does SandBoxie differ than BufferZone?

Never heard of BufferZone. Do you have a link? Just simply go to the Sandboxie site and read all about it. I have heard of just about every security program out there but never BufferZone.

Just looked it up myself. Still never heard of it plus its $40. Sandboxie is free.

!ot! But it has a good review here…