Sandboxie Still In Comodo?[Resolved]

Hello: I installed then uninstalled a program called Sandboxie and after uninstalling it, I noticed
there were still a folder in the programs files, so I deleted them.
Now I see left only a item in the registry under “Comodo internet security sandbox driver”
But it will not delete even in Safe Mode.
How can I get rid of this from Comodo? Its under a registry key name of “Device Desc” Thanks


You actually want him to delete the registry key

Comodo internet security sandbox driver???

The COMODO sandbox driver, not a sandboxie one?

Isn’t this going to kill his CIS install, providing he can actually delete it??


This is part of Comdoo Internet Security. [/b]

The fact that it also uses the word “sandbox” does not mean it is part of “Sandboxie”.

In laymans terms, a sandbox is a way of isolating an application from the rest of the system so it can play to its hearts content without altering the system it is running on.

Ewen :slight_smile:


This is part of Comdoo Internet Security

Ok, I did not know it was part of Comodo, I will leave it alone

Btw, If at any time I want to uninstall Comodo and do New fresh install would I have any problems with
doing this? Thanks

none that I know of. Personally when a big change happens I always do a fresh install to make sure everything is working good. So when it changed form 3.8 to 3.9 I did a new install.

Ok, Thanks, I will do it now!

Does anyone have a direct link to the newest comodo firewall download? Thanks

32 bit

64 bit

One other thing, when I remove Comodo from add/remove should I also remove Safe Surf?

yes and when reinstalling you don’t need to install it anymore, the buffer over flow protection has been moved into the CIS suite now.

ok, Thank You

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