sandboxie doubts and help please

I never used sandboxie before. But i am planning to use it so that I can browse anything and get everything from that session deleted. But I have a few doubts.
Actually when I sandboxie the browser what happens to comodo firewall?
Can anything bypass sandboxie and get into my PC?

There were a few PoC’s I’ve read not too long ago. But if I remember correctly, they’re more or less than a year old. It’s possible, but not likely. Yet at least.

As for what happens to comodo firewall, it still functions as it should. I used to have the same combination.

There shouldn’t be any problem.

In my experience, there is no specific interaction between a browser (or any app) running under Sandboxie and Comodo Firewall, and non is needed. Sandboxie simply hooks (that’s to say intercepts) all the browser or app input/output and redirects it. It gathers any created or modified files & keys into it’s own visualized copies of the the files, folders and registry keys that the operating system would normally use. It’s possible to view these Sandboxed folders, files & registry from within Sandboxie by opening Sandoxie and selecting from the menu ‘Sandbox\TheSandBoxYouWantToView\View Contents’. (This is a very simplified description)

There seem to be two questions in your post:

  • Can I browse anything and get everything from that session deleted?
    When you have finished with a Sandbox and ‘Delete all contents’, Sandboxie simply deletes the contents of the folders it created for that particular Sandbox using the standard Windows command RMDIR (Remove Directory). So the answer to your question Yes & No. The folder, files and Reg & marked as deleted and not available in windows explorer, but are still recoverable. see this link
  • Can anything bypass sandboxie and get into my PC?
    Well, potentially yes, if you have some sort of malware already on the system that targets Sandboxie or malware that’s designed to circumvent Sandboxie . The whole point of Sandboxie and any sandbox is to isolate any downloaded malware and redirect it’s activity away from the main host operating system, and allow it to modify the visualized files and registry(Hence the name - to play within the sandbox)

An example of Sandbox use might be to purposely run a suspect executable and the then do an analysis of the virtual files and registry keys that have been created or modified, or when browsing ‘Anything and Everything’, make sure you securely erase the files and folders.
But the usual warning here should always be caution!