sandboxie & comodo

iam using opera browser and sandboxie.sandboxie is set to start opera as my default browser.but even after i checked comodo to allow sandboxie to start opera.comodo still asks every time opera starts ? is there a rule i can make so comodo stops asking to allow or not…

I can confirm this. When I use Sandboxie but with IE Comodo says there are unknown components in Iexplore.exe. The unknown component is Sandboxiehelper.dll
It seems like the sandboxiehelper.dll rule wont stick in the component control rules.

The only way to get rid of this popup is to put component control in learning mode. But when component control is turned back on (Turn on) the warning from Comodo reappears.

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According to a thread at wilders one can use this workaround: Just copy Sandboxiehelper.dll to the root of your C: drive. Start the desired program in sandboxie. Allow and remember the popup from Comodo Firewall. Now Comodo will remember the setting.