Sandboxie & CD Beta - Changes Not Happening Immediately

I’m using XP Pro SP3 with all the latest Windows updates.

I noticed with the latest version of Sandboxie if I make a change while not running under Sandboxie, because in order to make permanent changes to the browser it can’t be sandboxed and then you run in Sandboxie, I then have to restart Dragon several times before the change is noticed.

As an example when I installed the extension Speed Dial, after restarting Dragon 4-5 times, it would finally show up.


P.S. I’m using the Beta.

Sorry my little observation DasFox but is very more s 88) table ultimate version 5 of comodo Kind regards

CARON67, this is another thread in which you are getting Comodo Dragon mixed up with Comodo Internet Security.

The original poster is reporting a possible incompatibility between Comodo Dragon (Which is a web browser) and Sandboxie. You in turn are telling that user to upgrade to CIS version 5, which is absolutely irrelevant to the problem… 88)