sandboxie can start iexplorer, even if its "blocked" in defense setting

i had internet explorer as main browser. so it was started with sandboxie. before that i have setted internet explorer as “all blocked” in defense +. it happened while i made a new installation.

when i started internet explorer with sandboxie, it started each time. what does this tell about the block funktion of defense + ?

It tells us that you also need to block it from opening with Sandboxie.

As far as I know, Sandboxie “wraps” the application for want of a better term… In other words, it’s no longer Internet Explorer as far as your system is concerned when it is opened through Sandboxie, as Sandboxie has wrapped itself around it and it is no longer opening through standard operating system protocols.

If you have a new browser did you remember to set it as your default browser?
Sandboxie opens with the default browser.