Sandboxie, and Comodo

Once I have installed this program, I had issues working with Sandboxie, and I don’t know how to disable auto-virtualization of Firefox in this version of CIS. I haven’t used CIS in a while. How do I get it to work with Sandboxie?

Sandboxie disables its features when it detects that CIS is installed so as to not cause problems with comodo sandbox.

Well, I have fixed some issues by letting Sandboxie go through, now I can’t manage to get Firefox to open under Sandboxie. Thundermail, Comodo browser can run under Sandboxie with the latest CIS installed. Sandboxie attempts to access Firefox, but failed to even access it.

I finally gotten Mozilla Firefox to load under Sandboxie. I had to put Firefox to shellcode injection exclusion. But, I have a concern with this. Should I configure more things under CIS due to this or am I fine considering I am going to just run Firefox under Sandboxie?

You could try this it works for Windows 10

Wow, thanks man! It actually fixes a wider range of issue.

You should also add guard32.dll located int the SysWOW64 windows directory as guard32.dll is for 32-bit applications.