Sandboxie administrator permision gone after CIS update

After the CIS update to vs, I found out that sandboxie doesn’t work as it should.
It doesn’t have anymore administrator permission no mater what I do.

The User Account has administrator rights.

If I update CIS to the latest version, would the problem disappear?
Or is there other solution?

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Can you check with KillSwitch with what rights Sandboxie runs? Is the folder in which you are trying to save one of the Protected Data Folders?

The SBI image - SbieSvc.exe runs under services.exe
The start image - it shows that message when the UAC popup window apears [C:\ … \Sandboxie\Start.exe]

It won’t let me save the file no mater where/what the folder is.

could this be because of publisher’s certificate?

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The thing is it doesn’t need the UAC checked.

Before CIS update this is how sandboxie worked:

  • After user login it will popup UAC for sandboxie (autorun) and click ok …
  • I open an archive and drag&drop an app from the archive to the sandBox …
  • I don’t need “Run as UAC Administrator” to be checked, it would work just fine (doesn’t need UAC) …

Could be of HIPS rules or something? … :expressionless:

sandboxie failed to get elevated privileges

How do I fix this?

I found out that CIS has a history with this Sandboxie error!

Can you see what happens when you make SbieSvc.exe a Trusted Application and restarting the service?

Didn’t work … :frowning:

So, no mater where I choose to save the file, it would be saved here: C:\Sandbox\UserAcount\DefaultBox.…
so that is the folder that can’t be accessed by the program!

And the autorun UAC is:
“C:\Windows\system32\sc.exe” start SbieSvc


  1. My settings
  2. HIPS settings
  3. HIPS Rulesets

The thing is, even if I set to trusted, it will change back to custom (if I check remem. my answer) because it has the ask (Img 05)…

  1. Other SB apps
  2. Sandboxed apps (CIS)

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Hi Bluery,

I will also ask the QA to check this.

For your information

Kind Regards

Thanks Buket! I’ll be waiting for your response from them.

[b]I found out why it wouldn’t work!

It seems that Auto-Sandbox was detecting the file, even if it was running in sandboxie, as an untrusted file, so CIS was sandboxing the file too.

I think it would be better if Auto-Sandabox will have a compatibility with sandboxie’s files, like asking if I want to run the CIS Auto-Sandbox on sandboxie’s unknown files or something like that!

Thanks for your support![/b]

There’s another thing that intrigues me!

if the file is unknown and it’s auto-sandboxed by CIS, shouldn’t a pop-up message appear alerting me that the file is virtualized and I can choose not to?

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Do you have DO NOT show popup alerts enabled?


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