sandboxie 64 bit

i know it doesnt work right because of the microsoft patch gaurd protection thing do any of you think that microsoft will ever let the sandboxie guys in ??? ???


Mis understood your original post.


I think he’s referring to this:

They won’t.Liek they won’t let any other security programs in.

Patchguard is designed to keep the kernel free of any type of hooking (also known as patching). For example read this article: .

that sucks but i guess it keeps windows safer so its a trade off…does anyone know something that does what sandboxie does…ive looked at shadow defender but it costs does anyone know a free alternative???

sandboxie, altough not very expensive, is not a freeware, is it?

why would you guys, if using cis 4 (i don’t, i am using cis v3) use sandboxie?

It does have a free and paid version.

Also, it features full virtualization, which CIS does not yet do.

I understand, but do yo in these conditions use BOTH cis4 sandbox and sandboxie?

You can. I don’t, but that’s just because I’m not quite paranoid enough. ;D It doesn’t bother me if I have a malware file on my computer, just as long as it can’t harm my computer or steal information and send it to someone else.

Also, with the free version of Sandboxie you must manually run a program in the sandbox. With the paid version you can set it to always automatically run a program in the sandbox.

i think windows needs 2 kernel areas…

first kernel (isolated ,2nd kernel cannot access them or only has read-only access to the 1st kernel) only for the system with patchguard for the most important windows areas ,to protect them.

and the second kernel only for windows security with support for third party security tools who receive ring0 access from the second kernel…

for this windows needs 2 ring0 areas:

1st kernel has the highest ring0 access
2nd kernel has only an restricted ring0 access in an isolated area ,and only has read-only access to the 1st kernel…

i think its an interesting idea :wink:

I like this idea.

patchguard from microsoft is a great idea.keeps windows more secure and immune from rootkits.and besides windows belongs to the genius which is bill gates.i strongly recommend returnil as a alternative to sandboxie. :comodo110: