sandboxed program and firewall

Hi. As far as I know, when something is sandboxed, Comodo firewall doesn’t alert that sandboxed program wants to connect to internet. Is any possible way (hack?) to configure firewall in order it to ask me what to to with sandboxed program? My Comodo is 5.9, firewall - custom policy, D+ safe mode, sandbox enabled. Thank you in advance. Sorry for my bad english. User of Comodo since 2009.

Untick Do not show pop up alerts.

I don’t remember how V5 sandbox worked for Internet connections but if you upgrade to V6 and run a program Fully Virtualized it will ask for a connection in custom policy mode.

Is the application in the sandbox something you did manually or was it automatic? Unless your firewall is in ‘custom’ policy mode, CIS will make certain decisions for you. This is especially true if you have ‘create rules for safe applications’ checked. What is ‘safe’ can be an issue for some people. For most low information users its good enough. Any application in the sandbox you’d think it shouldn’t be considered to be ‘safe’, but what do I know?

In D+ settings, execution settings tab, ‘treat unrecognized files as’ configuration is ‘partially limited’ by default.

The application is allowed to access all the Operating system files and resources like clipboard. Modification of protected files/registry keys is not allowed. Privileged operations like loading drivers or debugging other applications are also not allowed.

I’m most comfortable when that is set to ‘untrusted’

The application is not allowed to access any of the Operating system resources. The application is not allowed to execute more than 10 processes at a time and is run with very limited access rights.

I’d recommend that you upgrade your version to v5.5 There’s little difference how it looks, but substantial improvements.

WxMan1, Thank you for your response and sorry for my delay. Now I set Defense+ to untrusted. My Comodo is 5.9. I saw some leaks when doing test on leak tests ( I don’t exactly remember what they were). I was very unhappy camper when I saw my Mozilla browser to open, crashing. I had to reinstall it. Skal