Sandboxed Outlook 2010 throws "...cannot verify licence..." error message

I am running Windows 7 (64bit) together with Comodo Firewall 6.0. I manage to run Internet Explorer, Dragon and Thunderbird sandboxed (Sandbox Tasks >> Open Advanced Settings >> Security Settings >> Defense+ >> Sandbox and added the respective application path).

However for some strange reason I have difficulties running Outlook 2010 sandboxed. Starting Outlook 2010 sandboxed I keep getting the “…cannot verify licence…” error message at start up. So far I tried the following:

1.) Used the repair function as indicated in the second sentance of the error message.
2.) Added the used *.pst files to the specified files/folders not to be virtualized.
3.) Added the registry key that contains the Outlook 2010 licence to the specified registry keys/values not to be virtualized and activated that option.
4.) As the service “Office Software Protection Platform” seems to be responsible to throw the error I wonder how to verify that this service is running within the virtual environment…?
5.) I verified that all *.DLL files of the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform\ are listed within the list of trusted applications.
6.) I encounter the error message within the “COMODO - Proactive Security” configuration as well as in the “COMODO - Firewall Security” configuration.
7.) While writing this I found that for Outlook the COMODO Firewall contains an application rule to allow all requests.

When I tried Sandboxie a week ago I had no difficulties running Outlook 2010 sandboxed. Then I remembered that my Comodo Firewall also has a sandbox function that I have not used so far. Why cluttering my machine with another piece of software when it already contains software that offers (nearly) the same functionality? So I quickly uninstalled Sandboxie and started using the Comodo sandbox - unfortunately sandboxing Outlook 2010 is more cumbersome than expected…
I appreciate any thoughts and ideas to remedy the issue. ???

Today I did the following:
8.) With Scanpst.exe I repaired all used *.pst files (Scanpst.exe found errors in one and insignificant inaccuracies in other *.pst files) - but still the error message remained. >:(
9.) Then I resetted the sandbox and Outlook started sandboxed the first time!!! ;D

I assume to get rid of the error message it is necessary only to do
1.) + 8.) + 9.) - Now I hope this will be permanent. . .
Time will tell. . .

Hmm not sure. Maybe ‘do not virtualise’ plus the reset did it.

ScanPST should be irrelevant unless by running it you created a virtual pst copy even so not sure why relevant.

This was reported as a Beta bug by me, but it could do with a release bug report in standard format if you would oblige.

Best wishes


Hi Mouse,
you are correct that ScanPST is irrelevant. I still get the “…cannot verify licence…” error after each reboot. Putting the machine into standby or hibernation mode is no problem: Outlook will start nicely in its sandbox. However, after shut down or restart of the machine I need to:
(1) Start and close Outlook 2010 unsandboxed
(2) Reset the Sandbox
This helps to get rid of the error message (until the next shut down / reboot). As I use hibernation mode most of the time I can live with the workaround - but a permanent fix would be nice… :wink:

Thanks for the update. My guess is that Comodo would want to fix this if reported, as Outlook is such a standard.

So I’d do a bug report (in standard format please) if you want this fixed.

Link to format: Comodo Forum