Sandboxed Firefox: not working item on youtube

running FF 57.0 (64-bit) on Win10 (1703, build 15063.726) within Comodo Firewall Sandbox version
On some channels on youtube, there’s a chat window to the right of the video window. At it’s bottom, there’s a “hide chat” button.
Example: - YouTube
FF w/o sandbox: Clicking “hide chat” works. Within the sandbox it does nothing.
Can someone reproduce this?

Hi CryGuy,

We are not able to reproduce the issue. Hide chat button works good in Sandboxed FireFox. Please check the attachment.

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Thanks PremJK for testing. As I have some sandbox problems, I decided to do without until the next Comodo release. For this purpose, I opened Explorer within the sandbox and backuped my FF user profile to a not sandboxed location. Then I replaced my not sandboxed FF profile with the one from the sandbox (which I also backed up before, just for safety). In other words, I’ve “committed” the changes made within the sandbox. Now running w/o the sandbox, FF shows the same faulty behavior. Conclusion: It’s not a sandbox issue but a FF/profile issue. Any change made within the sandboxed environment lead to the faulty behavior. I have no clue which one, but that’s now my problem only to find out… :confused: That’s why it’s good to think twice and exclude other causes before sending a bug report. But first it really looked different.

Thank you.

Sinse the last update, YOUTUBE will not run any videaos.
My system must be OK 'cuz youtube works fine on the other browsers I have in my system.

Hi Turnbub,

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Can you please explain the issue you face with additional information of CIS and complete Windows version you are using.

Thanks in advance.

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