Sandboxed file attachments?

I’ve been using CIS 6 for a week or so now and like its sandboxing capabilities. The only thing I miss, when compared to using Sandboxie, is the ability to right-click on a downloaded file attachment and have it open sandboxed. I feel this is a worthwhile safety feature.

I did try putting a .pdf file in a folder on the Desktop and then went to the Virtual Kiosk. The file showed there but when I tried to open it (using Windows 8’s own PDF reader), a message arose saying ‘The application manager is required to activate applications, but is not running’. To be expected in an isolated environment I suppose.

I haven’t missed a way of opening downloaded e-mail file attachments sandboxed have I?

I think the reason to why it fails in opening the file is because it is trying to run it in the sandbox and hence it is trying to run a Windows 8 “Modern UI” application and I don’t think CIS supports sandboxing of these files but I might be wrong.

I know you can add programs to allways be sandboxed, but how about folders to always be sandboxed? So everything inside that folder gets sandboxed. I’ll make a wish for it now.