Hello! I have been using your product CIS, there are downsides, but in principle, I love your product. And now to the main, as you develop a new product CIS have a huge request to introduce the possibility for objects that are virtualized (sandbox), which would be a virtual partition can be specified on the very different logical drives folder VTRoot. Explain what an inconvenience in the last time there ssd drives that are subject to wear rewriting and many put the TEMP folder and the other on the HDD, and thus the safety of falls due to open access to the folder TEMP (temporary files) that can be stored is not good . Please remove this defect … For even earlier thanks !!! :wink:

I believe that Wishes for enhancements very similar to what you are asking for have already been submitted.
Please see this wish and let me know if that Wish essentially encompasses what you were asking for.


As there has been no response I will assume that this wish is likely the same as that which I linked to in my previous reply. Therefore, I will move this Wish Request to Rejected. However, mstr.SQ, if you believe your wish is significantly different please respond to this post and I will move this back to the main Wish Request board for continued processing.

Thank you.