Sandbox wrong files.

Comodo sandbox say remengine is add to sandbox but this files arent in my computers.

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I face the same problem. The sandbox message pops up every 10 mins but remengine.exe isn’t on my hard drive. I can’t find it, neither through search nor is it placed in the from Comodo specified folder.

Could you please tell me, what to do to stop these messages?


yeah , i reinstalled windows 7, and disabled sandbox for some times.

Please can you search your hard disk for this file using Windows Explorer Search set to include hidden and system files.

Please can you also check your scheduled tasks to see if there is a scheduled task which could be related to this file. (Eg a HP update task)

Please do not delete either, but instead post screenshots of the windows search result (with full path visible), the file’s property sheet (with main tab and certificate tab visible), and the scheduled task (task tab).

Please also post bug and system information as requested here.

We need to track down exactly what is causing this.

Many thanks and best wishes


a dev already take a part with me , and no files,no task, etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

was a message from dev.

That’s great. Good to know they are investigating. Please do post what they find out.

Best wishes


i dont find the files personnaly, but he can find in his computer, so i replyed with the pm.
but at the moment, i have it, but dont know if it can be fixed.
i will send the files to the dev.