Sandbox won't remember my instructions. [RESOLVED]

Hi. I’ve just installed version 4.0.141842.823. I play games on my computer and I don’t want them to run in sandbox. So when it pops up with the little notice telling me it’s running an application in sandbox I select Do not run this application inside the sandbox again. But next time I run it it does it again.

I’m thinking of just diabling sandbox altogether as it seems to take up a lot of memory which I need for games. I turn off comodo altogether on my system tray (and disable my internet connection) when I run games but I think it’s still running in the background. What is the best way to disable it altogether when I’m offline to free up the system resources?

Thank you.

Also move it from My Pending files to My Own Safe files.

Because CIS is a security program to disable it completely you need to uninstall.

You can disable the sandbox by using the sandbox security settings under defense plus. You can disable the sandbox and defence plus by using ‘permanently disable defense+’, and rebooting. This may not free up much or any memory.

If you want help preventing the automatic sandboxing of safe applications, please do have a look at this FAQ: here.

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adding a program to my own safe file wont unsandbox it next time.
my experience with it says add your program as installer in computer security policy.
This eliminate sandbox alerts, I did it so ,as cis was sandboxing some of services intrecating with drivers on my computers and no method was working to uinsandbox it, except treating files as installer or updater.

this is a standard methode mentioned in online help manual.


Thanks and this will often work. But it really is better to go through the techniques in the FAQ in order as defining something as an installer/updater should be a last recourse for security reasons. It remove most D+ protection from the file and anything that is run in its context.

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