Sandbox Won't Learn

Everytime I fire up the computer the most usable portion of the screen (lower right) is blocked by COMODO wanting to know if a particular group of files (more than one) should be allowed and also allows me the not have the file in the “sandbox”. Despite marking it as OK it repeats everytime I start the computer Is there some configuration that will stop this??? Maybe I just need to uninstall COMODO and get something else. Ideas??? Thanks. Bob

dont mark “trust things from this vendor” inside the sandbox question. that might be a still present bug. just mark “dont run in sandbox again”.

on the other hand, if you dont like the sandbox of comodo, disable it and use for example the free (or if you want you can buy it) sandboxIE from tzuk. be sure to make the settings right. sandboxIE is a real sandbox, with better protection. but it doesnt put everything inside itself automatically.

as comodo is one of the best firewalls and defense+ systems, i dont see any reason to drop all this nice features, if you dont like a “not so important” feature.