Sandbox won't empty. I have to restart my laptop.

When I try it gives me an error and every time I hit retry it does the same thing, is there any other way to delete the sandbox?

Sandbox is very important. I recomment don’t turn off it. The Good, Bad, & The Ugly (aka Unknown) - YouTube and Comodo AutoSandbox Technology - YouTube watch they. But if you want disable it you can open comodo and click auto-sandbox. select disabled .

I am NOT trying to disable, I just want to empty it when I am done using it!

Does this happen all of the time?

Sometimes applications can get stuck while exiting, at that point you can’t close the program nor force close the program, it’s essentially frozen in memory or something, and since it can’t close, the file is still open in the program and hence you can’t remove the file and nor can CIS meaning that it is unable to clean the file away because it can’t kill it. (I don’t know if this is usual, I’ve had it many times, but at the same time I had a faulty memory stick…)

Of course I couldn’t say if that’s what you are experiencing or not, next time time it happens, check if the process is still running and try to kill it with killswitch, if it can’t, then you probably know why CIS is failing, if it’s not that… then I have no idea.

First thing I did was try killing it with KS but nope access denied, this just started happening but as of today I could clean it normally, happened after installing Avast yesterday.

If it gives access denied then try launching KS with admin rights, it isn’t running as admin by default.

How do I do that?

Open KS normally, in the bottom-right corner you should see the version and a UAC shield, click this and you’ll get a UAC popup (if enabled) and KS should restart with administrator privileges, of course you need an administer account to do so.

Still as an admin it won’t let me, time to restart the laptop again. :o