Sandbox which programs is meaningful to Sandbox ?

In an perfect world of course the best would be if all was run in the Sandbox, it could had been done if windows was designed this way, but Comodo Firewall is an 3rd party program. There for I strongly suspect that using the Sandbox functions also will be an resource hog.

It is very important for me that the firewall eats up as little resouces as possible, also that it does not cause DPC latency as it did in 3.xx, but I am now ready to try 4.00 with the hope they have solved the DPC Latency problems.

So BEFORE I install the Firewall I will need to make the decision what programs I should sandbox or not.

I assume that the Sandbox is most important for programs that communicate through internet, like Web browser, email client, chat clients etc… The best would be if Comodo would publish a list of programs they recommend to sandbox.

I can also add…I use Comodo Dragon as web browser…is it meaningful to sandbox it ?

The DPC Latency issue has been resolved for quite some time now.
This is not SandBoxie, this software’s sandbox is designed to protect your system from harm by sandboxing unknown (or manually sandboxing those of your choice) applications.

Do you mean the DPC peaks are solved ?
It is not only the DPC peaks I am talking about, an increase is also not acceptable especially for an Professional PC used for audio production, it is very sensitive for background services like firewalls using Firewall. My soundcard use an Latency of 0.7ms so I need a very fast system with minimal amount of latency, this will cause the audio to stop working or giving audible click/noise sounds.

That is one reason I like Windows 7 firewall, it is very lightweight and optimized for windows, and use very little resources. The main reason I can’t use the Win7 Firewall anymore, is because it is worthless if you use VPNs, I use VPN 24/7.

I am still not sure which programs to add in the sandbox.
I am also interested to know from people with the experiences, how much more resouces are used when a certain program is in the sandbox ?

Since the resolve, my DPC has never risen above 200 microseconds, no matter what I run or how long I run it.

Do you remember what your DPC was without Comdo Firewall running ?
My current DPC is 75.