Sandbox warns about FlashGot

Windows7 64bit, CIS4 with full protection apart from AV not at start (temporarily) to check compatibility with Prevx3.

Sandbox warns about Flashgot, which is sandboxed by CIS.
I am uncertain about it, as surely it’d be better to sandbox youtube and google things or other .flv videos, but I wouldnt like Firefox might be in the long run impaired by this.

what do you suggest?
shall I sandbox flashGot or put it in the Safefiles?

it’s safe put it in the safefiles.

Just to make clear. The sandbox sandboxes anything it does not know about. So being sandboxed does not mean its malware, just unknown.

Please read the Intro to the Sandbox (link in my signature) for more info.

If worried you can double check the file using Comodo’s CIMA. A rating of ‘undetected’ means its almost certainly OK.

Best wishes


thanks to both, I will read the sandbox manual, no problems anyhow with FlashGot in Safe Files.