Sandbox vs Virtual Desktop?

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I just wanted to know, is there a difference (security wise) between the sandboxed web browser and the virtual desktop?

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Like i understood ; sandbox put files out - in a closed area - where functions are limited for not damaging your O.S.
Virtual allow us running a soft with full privilege out side of real consequences.

So sanbox is for files that have not your confidence and Virtual is for testing or surfing without to be concerned.

Sanbox is a anti-virus function / automatic and Virtual is one of your free choice to be anonymous or to use unstable /unknown / trial soft.

i wonder if sandbox is working on with virtual mode - i suppose that the answer is yes .

There are no real differences between the FV sandbox and virtual desktop, in fact the FV sandbox utilizes virtual desktop to perform its tasks if I understand it correctly. The main different is that virtual desktop has a dedicated graphical environment.

This question always confuses me, i look up the guides etc, but still dont know if i should do online banking in sandbox or virtual desktop.

sandbox is anti-virus /fierewall area protecting your computer from unknown file to be launched with full power = as admin ;
so you cannot banking in sandbox or you are doing a big error (when it is uncertain to be secure it is not safe so it is put in sandbox) …
virtual mode is not really the best way … i am not sure that it be for banking …
i understood like that and i am not really sure to be right like you maybe i confuse all

Running the browser sandboxed, can allow other activities outside the browser to be saved to the real system.
Depending on each individuals usage this may or may not have advantages.
All actions done from within the browser will have the same effect as if the system was in Virtual Desktop mode.

In Virtual Desktop mode all actions whether or not they are done within the browser will be removed upon reset the sandbox.

Virtual Desktop mode also has the advantage of the virtual keyboard for added security during banking.
The Virtual Desktop

Edit tip: Do not visit risky sites and do online banking etc during the same virtual session.
If you have been visiting risky sites within a virtual environment, reset the sandbox before using a virtual environment for banking etc and vise versa.

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It would be nice if you could limit execution of stuff inside virtual Desktop to designated browser and Adobe Flash plugin and nothing else (like you could do it in Sanedboxie). So you can be 100% sure no other executable is running within same VD session and stealing your data.

You could create a wish for it.