Sandbox to Restrictive… need some Help

I would like to always run the browsers (Firefox & IE) “in the sandbox”. When I do & use only the lowest “Restriction Level” ie. “Partially Limited” I cannot even cut & paste on the same page. I would like to have the “Advanced Settings” of “Enable file system virtualization” & “Enable registry virtualization” as I perceive this to be the best way of catching 99.9% of the viral & junk stuff from the net (to the point of almost not needing a antivirus pgm. Agree??)

If my intent is close to possible, what settings should I set?

I have XP SP3 / Comodo Ver 5.5+ (latest as of 6-Nov-11)
(i am not at all sure if this is a correct forum – plz advise)

SandboxIE is much easier to use. It’s free if you just want to run your browser in it.
When you install, it puts an icon on your desktop that opens your default browser.
If you want to open another browser, you can right-click on it’s icon and choose -
‘run sandboxed’

There’s a user forum that is very helpful.
The developer updates every 2 to 4 months.

How about bufferzone pro?

its only for 32bits and even in 32bits its very buggy, i know this well cuz i tested it for about 2 months
if you wan to run sanboxed web browser sanboxie is the ONLY option endeed, remember comodo isnt really a sanbox but a ruled based restriction

The automatic sandbox is restriction based, the manual sandbox is a fully virtualized environment.

There’s a program called Shadow Defender that works with 64bit.
I tested it and it worked well on my VMware but it’s not free.
It sandboxes the whole OS.